Catching them in the act of cheating in 5 easy steps in Kanata, Canada

catch them cheating actCatch them cheating

Catch them cheating

How to catch them in the act of cheating

Have you ever been in a relationship where it had already gone sour in your mind, and you had decided that a breakup was imminent, but you just wanted to catch the bastard first! Catch him? Yes, catch him cheating. You’ve been suspecting it for weeks now due to massive behavior changes, text, call log, photographic and other phone clues, and a host of other things. However, despite the mounting evidence, you still haven’t had the confidence to make the leap and call him out on any of it. Mostly because you haven’t come across that one piece of evidence yet that nails him truly red handed, and when you confront him you want to make sure you have proper ammo, so to speak.

This may take some PI-like detective work and a bit of a devious nature, but you are prepared to do what’s necessary to bring this guy to “relationship justice”. Enough being duped. Enough being made a fool of. Enough taking care of a guy who doesn’t deserve your heart let alone your care and devotion. So, I’m here to help you nail him before you kick him to the curb.

Five easy steps to catch a cheater

First, and before I go any further, you are committed to nailing this guy, right? Ok. First, you’ve got to get him to let or keep his guard down by keeping things status quo or even being a little sweeter to him than normal.

Next, you’ve got to employ a team. Get your friends in on the act. Have them watching him about town, in cyberspace, and at work if any of them or their husbands or boyfriends happen to work with this guy. All watching him for the fatal mistake.

Then, set up a couple mystery facebook admirers or sexy new twitter followers who send explicit photos or make sexy friend requests. Someone who is willing to develop a false profile and use altered pictures will be necessary here. I told you you had to be committed to this.

Now, your network of spies and net of justice are growing to encompass much of his world. Now it’s time to start throwing in random surprise visits at work around lunch time or even at his work when he says he is working late. In this case you would use the pretense of bringing him dinner to help him get through the late night. These unexpected visits are bound to yield some slip ups on his part or help you catch him in the act of cheating.

Finally, you could hire a PI. I told you this was going to be intense. Yes, a PI to secretly follow this guy around for a couple weeks. This may be one for the married ladies who have more at stake, more to lose or gain in catching a cheater. If he’s cheating this will definitely get the job done in catching him, and you will have all the evidence you need to nail him to the wall when you finally confront him.

All that being said, if your suspicions run that strong and the fire has died for you, I recommend just getting on with it and kicking him to the curb without warning. But if you must catch him then you must. Now you know how to catch them cheating. Happy hunting!