Nail Your Casual Dating Strategy With The Right Attitude

casual dating strategyGet the right attitude for a great date.

Getting into the right frame of mind when going on dates is critical to ensure the success of finding the right person to fit your casual dating plan. A little prep before a date is crucial in helping you get in the right mood for a relaxed night with no strings attached. Try these simple mental exercises to get your pumped up for a great first date that will put your casual dating strategy into motion.

Get centered.

If you’re running around before a first date, trying on every outfit in your closet and frantically searching your keys, your heart rate will be way up and you’ll arrive at your date flustered out of breath. This kind of first impression will make you seem high-strung and needy, two of the attitudes you do not want to display on a casual date. Instead of rushing around make a point of slowing down and getting centered. Stop what you’re doing and focus on the present moment. Notice the sensations around you, what your breath is doing, and the thoughts you’re having right then and there. The trick is to not get ahead of yourself or replay the past in your mind. Focusing on the present will bring you back to your center and let you enjoy every moment of a relaxed date.

Compliment yourself.

Feeling self-conscious about your looks or feeling down about yourself is no way to portray the confidence and chilled-out attitude that you need for a casual dating strategy. March yourself over to your bathroom mirror and don’t leave until you’ve listed five things that you like about yourself. These could be anything from complimenting your smile to telling yourself that you have a great laugh. It might seem corny but talking to yourself outloud while looking into the mirror really helps to drive your compliments home, the say way positive feedback from someone else would feel. By the time you’re done you’ll feel more at ease with who you are and can have a great casual date knowing that you’re actually a pretty cool person.

Go outside.

Take the time to work on your strategy for a great date by getting outside to a local park and enjoying some fresh air. Being in nature has a calming effect on the body and mind, and going for a walk will help you to blow off some anxious energy and get calm. If you don’t live near nature then even getting outside in an urban setting will give you the fresh air and positive endorphins you need to pump yourself up mentally for a fun and casual night.

Find an affirmation.

Pick a personal motto that you can repeat to yourself to get in the mood for casual dating. This is a strategy that can seem forced at first but will quickly become something natural and you’ll find yourself starting to believe it. An affirmation like “I am a good person that other people are lucky to know” or “I bring positivity and fun to any situation” will change your whole attitude about yourself, working better the more you say it. Repeat it while you’re getting ready to go out, and even in your head as your date goes on, to keep calm and feeling good about yourself. You’ll exude a cool, confidence that your date will be really attracted to and will make you feel great.

Find a distraction.

If your nerves are getting the best of you before a date then find something totally unrelated to throw yourself into for a few minutes to get your mind off of the night ahead. Work on a super hard crossword puzzle, or read up on a local current affair. Your mind will get engrossed in what you’re doing and you’ll forget all about feeling anxious about dating. This simple way of tricking your mind with a distraction will allow your nerves to relax and will get you into a more fun and upbeat mood for a casual date.

Just breathe.

Push pause on getting ready by sitting down and taking a few deep belly breaths. Focus on your breath going in and filling up your lungs and then exhale deeply, visualizing breathing out negativity. Count as you breathe to ensure you’re not rushing. Try the yoga trick of breathing in for three counts, holding your breath for another three counts, and then exhaling for five. There’s a reason that yogis are so chilled out, and it’s because they know the importance of this breathing strategy. Casual dating is much easier when your whole body is relaxed.

Get in the mood.

Switch off the stress of your day and get ready for a fun night of casual dating by taking a little sexy time for yourself. Watching a live cam site or reading an erotic novel will get you in the mood for a sultry and flirtatious date. Your date will be totally into your sexy and provocative attitude that will a huge turn on and will ensure the success of your casual dating strategy.