More Orgasms? YES PLEASE! A Guide To Making The Women In Your Life Scream With Pleasure

casual sexHave A Better Sex Life

Guys have it easy when it comes to having an orgasm. A girl really doesn’t need to do much, and more than likely a guy will be able to finish, usually a bit quicker than we want as well. This can leave a lot of us ladies wanting more, and more often than not, we can be left feeling a little unsatisfied after a casual sex encounter. It’s not just that guys need to last longer in bed, but that they need to put in the effort to make a girl orgasm. Satisfying your sexual partner will lead to a better sex life for everyone involved, no matter how you do it. The better of a lover that you can become, the more that your sexual partner will want to keep coming back for more sex. If your casual sex romps are only a few minutes long, and one person is always walking away unsatisfied, chances are that she won’t be walking back any time soon. I have been in that position many times, and it’s always a disappointing situation. Although I haven’t had much trouble finding guys on casual dating sites, I have been having trouble finding one who knows all the right moves. If you are trying to find a date, try checking out these Fling Site Reviews for more advice that I found useful. However if you already have a date, but you want to learn how to satisfy her, then the rest of this article is for you.

A Better Sex Life Means Learning How to Make a Girl Orgasm

Guys need to understand how a girl can reach her climax. It’s not the same rapid fire motions that most guys are used to using on themselves. It is much more than that, and it requires attention to the sexuality of the mind, in addition to that of the body. A woman can become very easily distracted, and if she starts to worry about something else, she will likely be unable to focus on reaching the end goal. This means that guys need to not only touch her body in a pleasant way, but they also need to make sure that anxiety and stress does not creep into the bedroom as well. Although this may seem like a really difficult task, it really means that the path to a better sex life starts long before you even start to touch each other. Trying to pester a woman into sex after she has had a stressful day is not going to work out. First, you must help her destress and relax so that she can forget about her worries and troubles. Once she has a clear mind, a guy will be much more successful in helping make a girl orgasm.

It’s More Than Just Trying to Last Longer in Bed

Many guys get self-conscious or worried that the reason their casual sex partner is not satisfied is due to their shorter run in the sack. However, this is not always the case. Yes, most women want guys to last longer in bed, but this is not really the major issue. The big thing is to be unselfish when it comes to satisfying your partner. Instead of just rushing to the finish line, it is much more enjoyable to take your time and try to make sure that she is getting what she needs before you get yours. There are many ways to touch a woman, so employing them all is a great way to make things last longer and get her closer to the big climax. If you give her the attention that she wants, you will most likely be able to get her all the way there, and she will be all the more happier to satisfy you in any way. By taking your time to make sure she gets what she needs, you will be a much more capable as a lover. Her satisfaction is your satisfaction.

Make Her Relax and Feel Good

If you can help alleviate some of her daily stresses from her mind and give her the attention that she needs on her body, I can almost guarantee that you will be able to make any woman orgasm. It’s not a secret how to get there, but it can be a little difficult. However with some practice, it shouldn’t take long before you learn all the right buttons to press. Once you crack the code, your casual sex partner won’t stop coming back for more.