Love Without Sex: Is It Possible & Can It Last?

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Why Having A Fling Affair Can Turn Into A Serious Relationship

People use online dating sites for all types of different reasons. Since everyone is different, people tend to look for different relationships. If you’re looking to have a fling affair, you should probably use an online dating website that promotes cheating. This way, you will lower your chances of getting caught by someone you know using a general online dating platform. If you want to have an affair, but don’t want it to last forever, you need to start looking into having a fling affair. A fling affair is perfect for someone who wants to have sex with someone new, but doesn’t want to get a divorce. If all you’re looking for is a quick dip in the cheating pool, all you really need to do is search for a fling affair partner. Having a fling affair is a good way to cheat on your partner without actually committing to cheating full time.

Why Bad Sex Can Ruin A Good Relationship

You don’t get to choose who you fall in love with, it usually just happens and because of this you might end up falling in love with someone who you have bad sex with. Sure, sex isn’t everything but if you want to have a perfect relationship you need to find someone who you can connect with emotionally and have great sex with. Sadly, love without sex doesn’t have the best reputation, and more often than not, couples who have bad sex do not end up lasting forever. Bad sex can ruin a good relationship, which is very sad but true. When you think about the perfect relationship you don’t factor in having bad sex, right? So why would having bad sex ever keep you coming back to the same partner. Love is a lot more than just sex, but that doesn’t mean that good sex isn’t appreciated or wanted. If you and your partner aren’t compatible in bed, you probably won’t last very long — no matter how hard you try.

Why Long Term Relationships Only Last If Both Partners Are Mentally And Physically Satisfied

Long term relationships will only last forever if both partners are mentally and physically satisfied. You could be super in love with your partner and still feel like something was missing if you weren’t being properly satisfied. For a relationship to work, you and your partner need to understand and fulfill each other’s needs to the fullest, without ever stopping. Maybe when you get a lot older you might stop being intimate, but at this point your glory days will have past and you’ll just be happy with the company. However, this won’t happen for decades and as long as you have a functioning body you should be able to please your lover. Long term relationships might sound impossible to achieve, but as long as you are physically and mentally into your partner, you will have no issues. People start to fall apart when they don’t feel appreciated, so if you want your long term relationship to last make sure you show your partner your appreciation in more ways than one.

Why Being In Love Just Isn’t Enough

Being in love is a beautiful thing, but you can be in love with your friends and never feel the need to have sex with them. If you’re in love with someone and happen to be dating them, you need to be having sex more often than not. Love may remain once physical attraction is gone, but when this happens it is only a matter of time before you start feeling unhappy. Being in love might sound like a good reason to be in a relationship, but it is not the only reason to be in one. If your partner really loves you, they’ll want to make you feel good and fulfill your deepest desires. So if you’re in love but sexually frustrated, tell your partner how you’re feeling and try to get things back to the way they were before.

Why Bad Sex Can Make Your Partner Cheat

If you and your partner have really bad sex together, one of you might end up cheating. It’s nothing personal, but people need to be having good sex to stay interested in one another. If you’ve gotten used to having bad sex with your lover, it’s only a matter of time until you start thinking about all the good sex you should be having. If you love your partner and want to stay with them, you might end up cheating on them because you need to have real sex.