5 hidden ways to discover a cheater

discover a cheater hiddenDiscover a cheater

How to discover a cheater

5 ways to reveal their cheating

So you want to play detective huh? That’s right, you’ve had it up to here, and are ready to take action to discover a cheater. Namely, your cheater. The person you’ve devoted the last several months or years to is showing signs of infidelity and you are now determined to find out if they are in fact cheating. Most cheating is obviously a hidden thing and you’re going to have to be a bit crafty to catch your cheater in the act or at least compile enough evidence to make an air-tight case for when you confront the cheater. But, not being a nosy, devious, sneaky, or otherwise stealthy person by nature, you may need a little help in constructing a plan of attack to smoke your cheater out into the light of day where you can expose them.

Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what I’m here to do today. Are you ready to get a little devious and sneaky? If not I suggest you stop reading now. I told you I’d give you suggestions for flushing out the cheater, not advice on how to forgive or restore, or improve a relationship. Just down and dirty investigative tactics.

Ok, let’s get sneaky and find out if they are cheating

First one. Send in a mole. Devise a plan to send in an undercover agent (so to speak) into his workplace. A girl (co-worker, delivery driver, guest at the office, or the waitress at his favorite lunch spot) to pretend to send signals and come on to him in order to see if he’ll bite. If he does, then you’ve got him.

Try what I call the “phone tap”. Plan to wake up at night after the two of you have gone to bed and see if you can get a hold of her phone wherever it’s charging so you can do a little snooping. Check out her texts, recent facebook posts, comments, likes, and pictures, even recent web pages. It might feel a bit underhanded and sneaky but you said you wanted to expose her and bring her to justice.

Make up a new email address under a fake identity and start sending him messages that get more and more friendly and telling him that you are an old fling from his past and you’re interested in hooking back up if he’s into it. Use your inside knowledge to let him know you know a few intimate details about him (things only a former or current lover would know) in order to lend credibility to your story that you are who you say you are. If he engages, string him along for a few days until you think you’ve created enough interest and curiosity to convince him to meet, then suggest a time and place. See if he shows up.

Troll the hook-up sites and search people whose profiles match her information. When you get a list of possibles start going through them to see if she or a profile that looks like her is on there. If you find her and you want to take things to the next level go ahead and set up a hook up with her and surprise her when you show up.

Finally, you could go out and get your own second phone then start an increasingly sexy texting barrage to see if you can get him to bite. Start with a message telling him you are an old girlfriend or fling. You’ve probably talked to him about past relationships at some point so try to pick someone from his past that you are pretty sure he hasn’t had any contact with for awhile. After the intro, if he bites gradually, take things up where you get more and more intimate. Reveal that you know certain details about him that you “remember” and progress to some sexy pictures. Of course, take care to leave out the face or any other identifying marks. See if he bites and go from there.

There you have it. 5 ways to play super-sleuth in your relationship to uncover hidden cheating. If you want to find out if they are cheating, I guarantee any one or all of these methods will get the job done if you do in fact have a cheater on your hands.