Love Without Sex: Is It Possible & Can It Last?

love sex flingLove And Sex

Why Having A Fling Affair Can Turn Into A Serious Relationship

People use online dating sites for all types of different reasons. Since everyone is different, people tend to look for different relationships. If you’re looking to have a fling affair, you should probably use an online dating website that promotes cheating. This way, you will lower your chances of getting caught by someone you know using a general online dating platform. If you want to have an affair, but don’t want it to last forever, you need to start looking into having a fling affair. A fling affair is perfect for someone who wants to have sex with someone new, but doesn’t want to get a divorce. If all you’re looking for is a quick dip in the cheating pool, all you really need to do is search for a fling affair partner. Having a fling affair is a good way to cheat on your partner without actually committing to cheating full time.

Why Bad Sex Can Ruin A Good Relationship

You don’t get to choose who you fall in love with, it usually just happens and because of this you might end up falling in love with someone who you have bad sex with. Sure, sex isn’t everything but if you want to have a perfect relationship you need to find someone who you can connect with emotionally and have great sex with. Sadly, love without sex doesn’t have the best reputation, and more often than not, couples who have bad sex do not end up lasting forever. Bad sex can ruin a good relationship, which is very sad but true. When you think about the perfect relationship you don’t factor in having bad sex, right? So why would having bad sex ever keep you coming back to the same partner. Love is a lot more than just sex, but that doesn’t mean that good sex isn’t appreciated or wanted. If you and your partner aren’t compatible in bed, you probably won’t last very long — no matter how hard you try.

Why Long Term Relationships Only Last If Both Partners Are Mentally And Physically Satisfied

Long term relationships will only last forever if both partners are mentally and physically satisfied. You could be super in love with your partner and still feel like something was missing if you weren’t being properly satisfied. For a relationship to work, you and your partner need to understand and fulfill each other’s needs to the fullest, without ever stopping. Maybe when you get a lot older you might stop being intimate, but at this point your glory days will have past and you’ll just be happy with the company. However, this won’t happen for decades and as long as you have a functioning body you should be able to please your lover. Long term relationships might sound impossible to achieve, but as long as you are physically and mentally into your partner, you will have no issues. People start to fall apart when they don’t feel appreciated, so if you want your long term relationship to last make sure you show your partner your appreciation in more ways than one.

Why Being In Love Just Isn’t Enough

Being in love is a beautiful thing, but you can be in love with your friends and never feel the need to have sex with them. If you’re in love with someone and happen to be dating them, you need to be having sex more often than not. Love may remain once physical attraction is gone, but when this happens it is only a matter of time before you start feeling unhappy. Being in love might sound like a good reason to be in a relationship, but it is not the only reason to be in one. If your partner really loves you, they’ll want to make you feel good and fulfill your deepest desires. So if you’re in love but sexually frustrated, tell your partner how you’re feeling and try to get things back to the way they were before.

Why Bad Sex Can Make Your Partner Cheat

If you and your partner have really bad sex together, one of you might end up cheating. It’s nothing personal, but people need to be having good sex to stay interested in one another. If you’ve gotten used to having bad sex with your lover, it’s only a matter of time until you start thinking about all the good sex you should be having. If you love your partner and want to stay with them, you might end up cheating on them because you need to have real sex.

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Is Tipping Webcam Girls Really Necessary?

girl safe datingOnline Dating Safety For Girls

Why Men Love Tipping Webcam Girls

If you’ve ever watching live webcams, you might be aware that you’re supposed to be tipping your webcam girls. This might not sound like a priority, but it is something that is expected of you. A lot of men enjoy tipping cam girls because it makes them feel important, and if you’re continuously tipping cam girls they might start noticing you and giving you special attention. Men love tipping cam girls for many different reasons, but in the end they are just happy to have a girl stripping in front of them from the comfort of their own home, which makes them feel like they should be more generous. Tipping webcam girls isn’t really necessary, especially if you’re already paying a pretty penny for the show, but just like any other service camgirls tend to rely on their tips to pay the bills, and if you’re tipping cam girls often they will be more generous towards and might even learn your name.

Why Online Dating Is Scarier For Girls

Online dating can be a scary place, but it is usually a lot scarier if you’re a woman. Many girls want to sleep with their dates on the first night, but don’t want to risk getting murdered, so they decided to wait until they are completely convinced that they won’t get hurt. Online dating might seem like a safe place but there is always the chance that you might meet up with a psycho and never get to see the light of day again. Women tend to be a lot more vigilant when using online dating services and this is because women are usually the victims in freak abductions. Risking you life to get laid is definitely not worth the risk, which is why many women refuse to go back to their dates house on the first date. Since women tend to be weaker than men, fighting off an assault is pretty much impossible and so going to a quiet place with a man you don’t know isn’t an option.

Why Staying Safe Should Be More Important Than Getting Laid

When using online dating services, staying safe should be your number one goal. Sure, getting laid is a lot of fun, but you know what’s not a lot of fun? Getting stuck in an unsurmountable situation. If a woman meets up with a man she doesn’t know and immediately goes to his place, he can basically do whatever he wants to her and she won’t be able to fight him off. Staying safe is a lot more important than getting laid. Sadly, many men do not understand why women are so afraid to go out with strangers and often get annoyed when a woman takes her time getting to know him. If you’re ever on a date with a man who gets angered by your need of staying safe, ditch him right away, he’s just not worth it.

How Being Cautious Can Save Your Life

If you trusted every single person you met, you would probably have given up on love a long time ago, and this is because people tend to be untrustworthy. With so many psychopaths out there, the dating world can be very scary for a girl who just wants to hookup. Being cautious can save your life, which is why you can never be too careful. The last thing you want is to end up regretting your life choices and wishing you’d never heard of online dating websites. Online adult cam sites are usually safe, but it can be very easy for someone to create a fake account, use fake pictures, and lure a hopeful woman into a trap. When you go out on dates with strangers, you should be as cautious as possible, you seriously won’t regret it.

Keep Your Eye On Your Drink, Avoid The Date Rape Drug

Everyone woman knows that accepting drinks from strangers is a bad idea, but they still do it from time to time because they think they can rely on their judgement. Sadly, your judgment can turn out to be very wrong, making you have trust issues for the rest of your life. It is no secret that men use the date rape drug on women they want to take advantage of. Knowing this, why wouldn’t you keep your eyes on your drink 24/7? If you go out on a date with a man, make sure your drink is empty before you go to the washroom, so that he can’t slip in the date rape drug without your knowing.

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5 hidden ways to discover a cheater

discover a cheater hiddenDiscover a cheater

How to discover a cheater

5 ways to reveal their cheating

So you want to play detective huh? That’s right, you’ve had it up to here, and are ready to take action to discover a cheater. Namely, your cheater. The person you’ve devoted the last several months or years to is showing signs of infidelity and you are now determined to find out if they are in fact cheating. Most cheating is obviously a hidden thing and you’re going to have to be a bit crafty to catch your cheater in the act or at least compile enough evidence to make an air-tight case for when you confront the cheater. But, not being a nosy, devious, sneaky, or otherwise stealthy person by nature, you may need a little help in constructing a plan of attack to smoke your cheater out into the light of day where you can expose them.

Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what I’m here to do today. Are you ready to get a little devious and sneaky? If not I suggest you stop reading now. I told you I’d give you suggestions for flushing out the cheater, not advice on how to forgive or restore, or improve a relationship. Just down and dirty investigative tactics.

Ok, let’s get sneaky and find out if they are cheating

First one. Send in a mole. Devise a plan to send in an undercover agent (so to speak) into his workplace. A girl (co-worker, delivery driver, guest at the office, or the waitress at his favorite lunch spot) to pretend to send signals and come on to him in order to see if he’ll bite. If he does, then you’ve got him.

Try what I call the “phone tap”. Plan to wake up at night after the two of you have gone to bed and see if you can get a hold of her phone wherever it’s charging so you can do a little snooping. Check out her texts, recent facebook posts, comments, likes, and pictures, even recent web pages. It might feel a bit underhanded and sneaky but you said you wanted to expose her and bring her to justice.

Make up a new email address under a fake identity and start sending him messages that get more and more friendly and telling him that you are an old fling from his past and you’re interested in hooking back up if he’s into it. Use your inside knowledge to let him know you know a few intimate details about him (things only a former or current lover would know) in order to lend credibility to your story that you are who you say you are. If he engages, string him along for a few days until you think you’ve created enough interest and curiosity to convince him to meet, then suggest a time and place. See if he shows up.

Troll the hook-up sites and search people whose profiles match her information. When you get a list of possibles start going through them to see if she or a profile that looks like her is on there. If you find her and you want to take things to the next level go ahead and set up a hook up with her and surprise her when you show up.

Finally, you could go out and get your own second phone then start an increasingly sexy texting barrage to see if you can get him to bite. Start with a message telling him you are an old girlfriend or fling. You’ve probably talked to him about past relationships at some point so try to pick someone from his past that you are pretty sure he hasn’t had any contact with for awhile. After the intro, if he bites gradually, take things up where you get more and more intimate. Reveal that you know certain details about him that you “remember” and progress to some sexy pictures. Of course, take care to leave out the face or any other identifying marks. See if he bites and go from there.

There you have it. 5 ways to play super-sleuth in your relationship to uncover hidden cheating. If you want to find out if they are cheating, I guarantee any one or all of these methods will get the job done if you do in fact have a cheater on your hands.

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Getting Kinky: Tips That Help You Bring Out The Wild Side In Every Woman

casual datingHow to make her horny

Tips for sexually exciting women in the online chat room

If you’ve checked out all the reviews of sex dating sites, and you’ve found a casual dating site that works for you, and it seems like you’re not having any luck talking to the ladies, then allow me to give you a little bit advice on the topic. These are some good ideas from a woman to newb adult dating site blokes and some tips for sexual exciting your new crush in the chat room.

Ask her what she likes, not who she likes

Talking to women in online chat rooms isn’t really tricky, but there are certain things that you should avoid because they’re likely not going to get you where you want to go. For instance, asking a girl what she likes in a man is not nearly as effective as asking her what she likes in bed. Why? Because now she’s going to respond with her notion of what an ideal man is like and there isn’t a bloke on earth who’s going to live up to the fantasy, least of all you. Without realizing it, you’ve already set yourself up for failure, and there’s literally no way back from that. She likely hates the question because it puts her on the spot and there’s an expectation on the side of the one asking it that they’re going to see a bit of themselves in that description. She anticipates that and now she’s feeling a little sorry for you because know matter how pretty you are, you’re not as pretty as her fantasy man.

Asking her what she likes, or what turns her on erotically, is a much better question to lead with. Firstly, you get her talking about herself, and as a woman, I can tell you that we really like talking about ourselves. In fact, it’s just about our favorite topic of conversation. Not only that but she’s giving you important cues as to what she’s into, and if you’re into her it would behoove you to listen closely, or even jot them down if you’re memory isn’t so great. She’s going to expect that you know these things and even infer several more corollary bits about her if you ever expect to see her naked. Why? That’s just how women are.

Erotic role play with cybersex

One of the best casual dating tips I can offer a bloke who wants to turn on a lady in the online chat feature of an adult dating website is to engage her a little live action erotic role play, also known as cybersex.

Cybersex is a big deal for women and it’s one of those things that can really make her horny. So if you’ve paid careful attention to what she said when you ask her what’s the sort of stuff that turns her on, then you can work that to your advantage in the cybersex session.

Women love cyber sex because not only does it engage our imagination, but we tend to be verbally stimulate. I actually use it to screen potential lovers on my dating service. If a bloke is all about his own dick and not my body then I take that as a sign that he’s a selfish lover, and there’s nothing worse than a selfish lover. If the bloke comes on a little too strong and gets to my pussy after three to five sentences, I can be safe in assuming he’s a premature ejaculator. If the bloke is all waiting for me to tell him what to do then he’s probably either not very experienced or a submissive, which is fine for cougars and dominatrixes, but it’s really not my thing.

The best sessions on with patient, educated, and experienced lovers who now how to take the lead and focus their attention on me, which is where I like it the most.

If the session gets particularly hot, I like to pull them aside into a cam to cam chat and let them see my body while they masturbate. This gives me a chance to get to know what they like and they can give me commands in order to them on, which turns me on.

If that goes well then I know that boy is going to be fun in the sack and we make some plans to meet up and have a little toss in the hay. So if you’ve been paying attention here it should give you leg up you need to get her going in the chatroom and then if it works out right, later you can have her in the bedroom too.

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8 most common signs of cheating in Sheffield, UK

most cheating common signsCommon signs they’re cheating

Most common signs of cheating

8 most common signs your partner is cheating

If you’ve spent any time on the adult dating scene or even if you’ve been married for any length of time you’ve probably felt that insecure feeling at one time or another. That feeling that you may be getting cheated on. You may have noticed some odd or changed behavior, increased evasiveness, or more and more absence of your mate from home. It’s not a good feeling and can leave many feeling paranoid, fearful, or stressed. But even worse it can make a person feel stupid, unvalued, cheap, or used. All of these can eat away at the psyche and chip away at self-esteem.

The solution? Find out once and for all if you are being cheated on. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, how do I do that?”, relax. I’m going to help you out today. We’re going to go through a list of 8 of the most common signs of cheating in married and unmarried relationships.

So tell us almighty relationship guru, what are the obvious and common signs of cheating?

Let’s start with an obvious one. LIttle or no interest in the bedroom. Waning sexual interest happens at times in all relationships. But with the cheater it goes to another level of disinterest because he or she no longer “needs” sex with you. They are getting their needs met elsewhere.

Increasing frequency of the phrase. “I’ve gotta take this call” followed by your mate stepping out of the room for a private conversation. When you ask him about it he always gives you a name (like one of his buddies) that makes you wonder why he needed so much privacy.

The appearance of a second phone that you rarely see but know exists. It’s usually reported to be a work phone and often is, but this is also a perfect cover for a second personal phone kept strictly for “extra-relationship” communications.

A true tethering of your significant other to his or her phone while at home. I mean we all spend a lot of time on our phones these days, but your partner has kicked it up a notch and can’t even make it through a half hour show with you at night without constantly going to the phone.

Strange credit charges on the credit card statement to restaurants and other entertainment venues you know you have not been to with him. He will most likely say these are business expenses that will be reimbursed at some future date.

Occasionally you catch a strange scent on him. Like an unfamiliar perfume. It’s often masked by some other strong smell such as his own cologne, cigarette smoke, or the few drinks he had after work so you’re never quite sure, but it’s there nonetheless.

Then there is the classic “I’ve got to work late again honey”. This happens to nearly every working adult at some point but your spouse is up to 2, 3, or 4 times a week on a regular basis. Seems like he may not owe the company that much.

Then there is this one which a friend recently shared with me as the final straw in her relationship. He kept coming to her with new and increasingly kinky requests or moves in the bedroom… as if he had just learned them recently somewhere else and couldn’t resist bringing them home!

Well, there you have it folks. My top 8 most common signs of cheating. If you’re seeing 5 of the 8 of these you have most likely got a problem that warrants further investigation.

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Using Cheating Dating Sites for Affair Dating Online

affair datingAffair Dating Online

Affair Dating Sites and Online Sex Chat

Affair dating sites are where married people go to play with one another to avoid having sex with their spouses or perhaps because their spouses won’t have sex with them. Unfortunately, in our modern era, marriage is still a thing that people do in order to breed with each other and spawn their genetic likeness, as if they need the sanction of God and Country in order to do that. So they end up in marriages that made sense 20 years ago but now they don’t. Still, there are kids to deal with and so they stay with each other even though Mr. Husband would rather be porking a dead prostitute and Mrs. Wife might just as well use her hairbrush as a dildo.

In any event, they do what anyone in their predicament would do: use the internet in order to fulfill their needs. While Mr. Husband searches through the porno sites or perhaps chat online with cam girls who perform online sex shows, Mrs. Wife goes on adult chatting sites and has cybersex with random men online. Eventually they both make their way onto the cheating dating sites. With any luck they’ve chosen different affair dating services because if they find one another it could get really awkward really fast.

Online Sex Chat

One possible alternative to affair dating online is adult chat rooms. Chat rooms for sexy talk exist all about the internet and are perfect for the husbands and wives who’ve become a little sick of each other. Men and women from all over the globe can engage in sexy talk, cybersex, or even cam to cam sex chat and have intimate moments with one another from the privacy of their own bedroom. The husband and wife will be none the wiser if they do, and it likely wouldn’t rise to the level of cheating.

Affair Dating Sites

Sites like Ashley Madison have become a big business across the internet. The reason is that so many people feel stuck in loveless or sexless marriages, that it has created an entire market of niche dating called affair or cheating sites. Sites like these are frequented by married men and married women, or other types of people who are only interested in married men or married women.

Affair dating sites are particularly geared toward married people who need a bit of discretion in order to conduct their extra-marital sexual interludes, and some couples have just moved beyond the point of really caring if the other partner knows about their affairs or not. In some cases, these affairs are conducted consensually with the other partner’s knowledge.

If affair dating can be conducted consensually and the other partner agrees that they’ve the spark in the marriage has just gone out and they need something that their marriage can’t give them, then it’s better for all involved. Most couples who have kids do not want to go through the hassle of a messy divorce or split time with the kids between two different homes, so they become de facto roommates and stay with each other till the kids have gone to college.

Some younger women just prefer having affairs with married men for psychological reasons beyond theirs or anyone else’s understanding, and some men are interested in having sex with older women whose husbands don’t pay them the attention they feel they deserve anymore.

Whatever the rationale, affair dating sites have amassed large member bases throughout the years and continue to grow as both people, marriages, and bad marriages proliferate. So some people who don’t feel like their marriages are cutting it anymore use these sites to meet other people who like them are in crappy marriages.

Why people get married in the first place is something I’ll never know, but I’ve run into my fair share of married guys on the hookup dating services that I use. Some of the guys who struck out on the affair dating sites, or are looking for younger women, try to get some on the casual dating sites instead, but I always blow them off. I don’t have much interest in any man who’s found himself in a position where he’s married to a woman he doesn’t want to be with and I’m not overly attracted to men who are going through midlife crises and want to fuck a younger girl because of that.

Still, affair dating sites are big business with married folks who realize they’ve made terrible mistakes in their lives and are now in too deep to walk away.

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3 signs they are obviously not cheating in Saskatoon, Canada

are they cheating knowAre they cheating?

How to know if they are not cheating

3 signs they obviously aren’t cheating

I’m sure like many of us you have sat back at some point and wondered, “Is he or she cheating on me?”. You don’t have anything specific in mind except that, like in all relationships, things occasionally seem stale, mundane, or boring. Also, cheating, extra-marital hook-ups, and affairs of all kinds seem to have become so commonplace that you think to yourself “why should I be immune?”. You’ve had girlfriends who’ve recently caught their men red handed and you’ve gotten a little worried that you will be next. So, what are the signs they are having an affair? More importantly, what are the signs that they aren’t cheating? Yeah, let’s go with that one. There is enough negativity in the world, let’s look for something positive. Something like partners who are actually as committed as they’ve said they are. People who’ve stared opportunities to cheat in the face and turned away.

Signs of cheating?

First, after 1, 2, 5, or even 10 years do you have a partner or spouse who, not every day, but on some type of regular or semi-regular basis is still looking for simple down to earth opportunities to please you, make your day, or make you feel special? Do you get the occasional random sticky note on the bathroom mirror in the morning telling you how much you are loved and/or how you will be missed throughout the day as your lover departs for yet another day to “do battle with the world” in order to build the framework of stability upon which your life together rests? Or, are you one of the rare women who is the envy of all the others in the office because you get flowers out of the blue from your mate. If this is your life… hold on for dear life to it because it is special and you’ve most likely got a keeper.

In an era where we conduct so much of our lives on our phones and other electronic devices there is a long and detailed cyber trail of a person’s activities, priorities, trials, tragedies and triumphs that our lives are literally recorded for all to see if they want to take the time to look. An obvious cheater will often go to great lengths to hide their electronic device because it is full of evidence of a secret life they don’t want you to know about. On the other hand, a person who has nothing to hide will often leave their phone laying around in plain site, not be tethered to it 24/7, and have no problem letting you borrow or use it occasionally because there is nothing incriminating on it so they have no qualms about giving you access.

Finally, if things have gotten a little stale in the bedroom, too predictable on date night, so familiar as to breed some mild contempt at times…? Not to worry, it happens in all relationships. But in the special ones with special people you will have a mate you can discuss these things openly with who will not immediately become defensive or dismiss your concerns out of hand. You can actually sit down with this person, work as a team and develop solutions to work toward getting your relationship back on track and heading in the happy, romantic, and loving directions you hope for. Again, this is rare, and if you’ve found it hold on tight and don’t let go because he or she is worth it!

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Catching them in the act of cheating in 5 easy steps in Kanata, Canada

catch them cheating actCatch them cheating

Catch them cheating

How to catch them in the act of cheating

Have you ever been in a relationship where it had already gone sour in your mind, and you had decided that a breakup was imminent, but you just wanted to catch the bastard first! Catch him? Yes, catch him cheating. You’ve been suspecting it for weeks now due to massive behavior changes, text, call log, photographic and other phone clues, and a host of other things. However, despite the mounting evidence, you still haven’t had the confidence to make the leap and call him out on any of it. Mostly because you haven’t come across that one piece of evidence yet that nails him truly red handed, and when you confront him you want to make sure you have proper ammo, so to speak.

This may take some PI-like detective work and a bit of a devious nature, but you are prepared to do what’s necessary to bring this guy to “relationship justice”. Enough being duped. Enough being made a fool of. Enough taking care of a guy who doesn’t deserve your heart let alone your care and devotion. So, I’m here to help you nail him before you kick him to the curb.

Five easy steps to catch a cheater

First, and before I go any further, you are committed to nailing this guy, right? Ok. First, you’ve got to get him to let or keep his guard down by keeping things status quo or even being a little sweeter to him than normal.

Next, you’ve got to employ a team. Get your friends in on the act. Have them watching him about town, in cyberspace, and at work if any of them or their husbands or boyfriends happen to work with this guy. All watching him for the fatal mistake.

Then, set up a couple mystery facebook admirers or sexy new twitter followers who send explicit photos or make sexy friend requests. Someone who is willing to develop a false profile and use altered pictures will be necessary here. I told you you had to be committed to this.

Now, your network of spies and net of justice are growing to encompass much of his world. Now it’s time to start throwing in random surprise visits at work around lunch time or even at his work when he says he is working late. In this case you would use the pretense of bringing him dinner to help him get through the late night. These unexpected visits are bound to yield some slip ups on his part or help you catch him in the act of cheating.

Finally, you could hire a PI. I told you this was going to be intense. Yes, a PI to secretly follow this guy around for a couple weeks. This may be one for the married ladies who have more at stake, more to lose or gain in catching a cheater. If he’s cheating this will definitely get the job done in catching him, and you will have all the evidence you need to nail him to the wall when you finally confront him.

All that being said, if your suspicions run that strong and the fire has died for you, I recommend just getting on with it and kicking him to the curb without warning. But if you must catch him then you must. Now you know how to catch them cheating. Happy hunting!

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Are You Paranoid Your Partner Is Cheating?

unfaithful spouse cheatingAre they cheating?

Is he cheating? Or isn’t he? How to know for sure

Adultery: How can you tell paranoia from evidence

In Sandwell, UK and all around the world people live in fear and cheating paranoia of being the victim of infidelity. “Is he cheating?”. “Is she cheating?”. Your best friend and your boyfriend seem awfully chummy and you find out they’re texting each other on a regular basis about things that are completely unrelated to you—supposedly their common element. “Are they cheating?”.

Living in fear and paranoia is a terrible thing. Just ask anyone with a guilty conscience or an addict who has gotten his fix but now feels like the whole world knows about it. Why anyone would bring this type of dread upon themselves for the sake of a relationship they obviously don’t think is solid is beyond me, but millions of people do it every day. I say let what will be just be. If you have worked yourself into a frenzy of distrust, jealousy, and paranoia over a “lover” who is constantly giving you new reasons to worry, then you’ve got to ask yourself some hard questions about where you’re at in your life. Let’s take a look at a few, shall we?

Adultery: What’s Wrong With You and How Can You Fix It?

If you are putting yourself through the miseries described above you have got some serious holes in your own psyche you need to deal with before you continue jumping from one dysfunctional relationship to the next.

Things happen to us in life. Good things, bad things, awful things. Experience, of all kinds, is simply part of living, and as an adult you must learn how to face and deal with these triumphs and tragedies as the equal imposters they are. What do I mean? Just this: nothing is quite as good or as bad, as high or as low, as dark or as light as it may have seemed at first. This is not a personal philosophy, it is simple fact. Much of our perception of events in our lives is wrapped up in our emotions and how they color our reality. Keep this in mind the next time you think you have found “the one”. That person you must hold onto at all costs… even if you come to distrust them on such a basic level that it eats you alive. This is not love, it’s co-dependence. So don’t fall for it.

Search yourself and find out what’s missing within that keeps you from being happy regardless of your relationship status. When you find out what that missing link is go out and seek it with all your heart, mind, and soul because when you can catch up to it and integrate it into your life you will heal yourself. And when you do that, you will no longer live in fear and paranoia of being cheated on because you will either be happy by yourself or you will seek and attract higher quality mates who will not make an old man or woman out of you before your time.

It is a simple concept: “first take care of yourself so that you can be healthy and then reach out to care for others”. Just like the instructions they give you on the airlines about securing your own oxygen mask first before trying to assist your child or a person in need next to you. The reason? If you pass out before you can help them, now you aren’t any good to either one of you. So many people miss or ignore this simple truth, especially those who repeatedly put themselves through the hell of a dysfunctional relationship that sucks the life out of them.

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